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Friday, October 19, 2012

On to Bamburg!

So...yesterday I described the fun in the train station. Now we're on the train, headed to Bamburg, where we will stay for a few days. I was anxious to see the town that so captivated my friend Karren, so much so, that she left New Port Richey to pursue her dreams there!

Karren had made the reservations, so we were treated to seats around a table and a great window view. Not a bad way to take a two hour train ride!

The countryside was gorgeous and lush. I was intrigued by the village-like scenes that flashed by, all looking like they came out of a story book. But you know me, I'm going to find some odd ball things along the way....and so I did!

Found outside the train station.
They are not shy about using that four letter word!

And of course, I found graffiti along the way! 

Did I mention the Germans aren't shy? (or prudish)

The trip was pleasant and uneventful, which was a good thing since we'd been awake for almost 24 hours by that time.  But when we arrived in Bamburg, I was fully awake!!! Such beauty! I felt like I'd stepped into a fairy tale. So we walked to our hotel and checked in, anxious to explore if our energy held out!

View from our floor

View of the area behind the hotel from our floor

Flap Alert!

So....we're off to explore. Let's not forget that we're still looking for Flaps, though we probably won't find many in Bamburg. I didn't realize that though Oktoberfest is a German celebration, the main festivities are held in Munich, not so much in the surrounding towns. But we will not be put off by that little factoid! Stay tuned for the continuing saga of the flap!

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