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Monday, August 30, 2010

Fun at the ISGB conference!

Well, I finally have some time to catch up here! I've been pretty busy since returning from the ISGB conference in Rochester, NY.  But I really do want to share some of the fun I had while there.

First of all, Rochester was a wonderful city. Patty and I got to see some of the cute shops and bistros in the SUNY section of town. Lively and lots to offer. But the real attraction, for me, was meeting all the wonderful glass beaders and seeing their fantastic work. Such extraordinary talent! It's hard not to be around all of them and not catch the bug! And I did get to try my hand at making a bead or two at the open torch sessions in the evening, thanks to Marcy Lamberson from Atlanta, and my partner in crime, Patty.

You can tell I'm concentrating very hard! It's not as easy as it looks, I soon discovered! Not that I want to switch from metal to glass, but I do want to learn more about it and will actually be taking lessons this month.

Another highlight was taking the gallery tour and getting to see our piece that we made for the Convergence exhibit. The piece is actually touring with the exhibit for about a year before we'll catch up with it again, so this was a treat.

Of course, yours truly has her eyes closed! But that's our piece on display in the background. And, in case you don't already know, that's my partner, Patty, with me.
Here's a close up of the piece -

The Bone Goddess

I'll add some more of the highlights in another post! It was such an enjoyable experience - my first time at the ISGB - and I took tons of pictures I want to show off!


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