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Monday, October 22, 2012

An Evening in Bamburg

When I last posted, we had just arrived in Bamburg and checked into the hotel. By now it's evening and we're woefully sleep deprived, but too excited to call it a day! And we were hungry......

So off we went to see the sights and find an outdoor cafe for food and drink. Bamburg is so quaint and pretty, with tons of cafes and restaurants so we let Karren lead us to one of her favorite spots. The town is a big tourist attraction, and once seated outside the restaurant, we watched tours walk by, led by a costumed tour guide who looked like something out of a movie, carrying a lantern or a large staff.

View from our table. You can see the back of a tour guide in the middle, dressed in black.
Karren introduced us to a German specialty wine called Federweisser. It's yeasty white wine, low in alcohol content, that has been pulled off during the fermenting process. It is only available in Sept and October because as it continues to ferment, it will become regular wine. It can't be stored long, either.  In fact, once bottled, it has to remain upright and vented due to the process and carbonation. Anyway, it was very may be low in alcohol, but if you drink enough of it, you'll feel it! Of course, I would NEVER do that!
Can't see dear hubby too well, but here's what the wine looks like!

As darkness fell, the town took on a fairytale look, and since we'd been up for a couple of days, we decided to call it a night. Sleep awaited.....

Isn't this pretty?
View on the walk back to the hotel. The river at night.

That's all for now. Stay tuned for the next day's adventure - on a bike!


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