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Thursday, November 15, 2012


If you've been following along, you know we're getting to the end of the vacation in Germany. So sad when it ended, because it was such a great time.
The last couple of days of our stay we spent in Munich. James was ill the first day, but Karren, Bram and I braved the rain and went to the OktoberFest. I want to add here that we were still on our search for Leiderhausen flaps, just so you know! Karren took it one step further and put together this wonderful montage of flaps and dirndls! Check out her blog - she really gets into some detail!

The park where OktoberFest was held was huge and very crowded. In fact, the buses, streets, train station and just about every square inch of land near the park were jammed with folks. Quite a sight, as you can see from the pic above.

The entrance to the park

Every brewery was colorfully represented and all the beer gardens were packed with waiting lines, so we didn't have the opportunity to share in the the beer and song!

Ha ha! This funny sign was outside one of the restrooms. I'm guessing most men paid top Euro for the privilege of using the toilet, as manly pride would probably kick in here! (Bet they made a lot of money!)

The lion roared, but it was so noisy we couldn't hear it! Great display though!

And so we bid you

Auf Wiedersehen!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

More on Our German Adventure

Well, I hope you've been following along with the tales of my travels  to Germany. I'm trying to be brief, however, it's hard to refrain from describing all we did and saw because it was such a perfect week! Our hosts, Karren and James, could double as tour guides anytime, but their friendship is precious and can not be duplicated!

Our hosts!

Karren writes a travel blog and has described our week in far better detail than I can, so if you want to see more fabulous pics (did I mention she's also a photographer?) - take a look at her blog.

So of the things I always struggle with, when visiting Europe, is finding comfortable shoes. We do far more walking than when we're at home in the states, and besides, I live in Florida where flip flops are the fashion year round! Because I wear open shoes most of the year, I get blisters when wearing boots or closed shoes for any length of time. Every Europe trip finds me lamenting on the wrong choice of shoe/boot and scurrying around whatever city we're in, looking for a pair of comfortable shoes. Yeah, ok, I'm a shoe nut...I love shoes and I won't even try to disguise shopping for them as some kind of chore! I have developed quite a collection  - from Italy, Spain, Greece, and Germany - to name a few. This trip was no different. On one of our walking tours of Bamberg, Karren and I decided to hunt, once again, for the "perfect shoe"! We were actually pretty lucky as we only had to go to one or two shops before I found my dream pair!

Tah Dah!!!!

That same day, we took a boat trip down one of the three rivers in Bamberg. The views from the water were lovely! 
Das Boot (The boat)

View from the boat...wouldn't you love to live there?

Finding good food is not difficult in Bamberg, and one of my favorite places is an Italian restaurant called Salinos. Yep, Italian in Germany. Why not? The food was delish!!!!!

My Penne Pasta

I thought this looked like it had Pesto on it, and maybe it did...but it had a minty flavor that I've never tasted before and it's very light. Karren tried to get the recipe from the waiter, but his response was a very fast "nope"! Hildy, Karren's German friend is related to someone who works at this restaurant and has promised to get the recipe for us. 

Well, my feet are comfortable, my tummy is full, and as you can see in the pic, more than enough wine to go I'll leave you with that image for now!


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