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Monday, November 1, 2010

Girls' Cruise!

87 girls on a cruise ship!

Well I finally did it! My friend, Marie, has been asking me to go on one of her girls cruises for a couple of years. This year, along with my YaYa sisters, Audrey and Judy, I finally went.

These gals have been doing this for 13 years! And it was such fun, it's no wonder they keep doing it year after year. On this trip there were 87 of us, all organized by Heidi, friend and travel agent, and she didn't miss a thing.

First of all, we all wore hot pink Tshirts so we could identify one another. Everywhere you looked - hot pink! Hot pink Tshirts, boas, beads, name it.

The famous YaYa sisters!

A sea of pink shirts!

Audrey, Judy and I shared a deluxe cabin. This is my only was the smallest cabin I've ever seen. When we entered, we all had one in the heck would three grown women survive 5 days in such a small space???? It's a good thing we've known each other for years, and have shared living space before. Frankly, there was absolutely no problem! Partly because we were hardly ever in the cabin...and partly because none of us are slobs!

The cabin had a couch that opened into a bed, and a double bed, and...get this...a murphy type bunk bed that dropped from the wall over the double bed.
I picked that one....and it was like having my own private space! I loved it!

Ggggggood nite, folks!

Always laughing!

We even had a guest one night!

I think the most fun I had was when Audrey and I would trip into the cabin around 2 or 2:30 a.m ..(after playing in the casino and seeing shows) trying to be quiet and not wake up Judy. Every single time, she'd get up and the three of us would sit out on the balcony, overlooking the gorgeous ocean, with our drinks, and laugh until the really wee hours! Then room service would arrive with our morning coffee at 7:30 a.m. !!!! Yikes! We sure didn't get much sleep, did we girls?

I celebrated my birthday while on the cruise, and every day Heidi and Marie would put something on the door for me...kind of a countdown! It was really cute....and a fun way to celebrate!

I don't know that I've ever laughed as hard and as long as I did these 5 days! My sides actually ached at the end of the trip.

Now it's back to real life....but it was sure fun while it lasted!


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