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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Germany, continued -the Flap Alert!

So, to continue my story of our adventures in Germany.....I left you yesterday as we were leaving Munich for Bamburg. The train ride was about two hours long, but the views of German countryside were great entertainment. However, the train station was even more entertaining!

Because it was during Oktoberfest, the folks in Munich were dressed in Dirndls and Liederhausen, traditional German clothing. Karren and I were fascinated with all the different types and variations of the outfits, and I have to say I was surprised to see mostly young people dressed so traditionally. Karren and I can find humor in just about anything, and this time the Liederhausen provided fodder for much joking and speculation. For one thing...there's a big flap in the front, and they are all sizes and decorated differently. So.....we went on Flap Alert....and everytime a flap went by, one of us would call it! Now I have to tell you, most of the outfits were pretty cool looking, but every now and then we'd spy an odd one or two. Like this one:

Tall man with VERY short Liederhausen~

Dirndl and Liederhausen for sale at the train station.
You can see the rather ornate flap I mentioned!

Leiderhausen with suit jacket.

Um..Flap alert!
Really -Flap Alert!
Last refreshment before boarding the train.

So...we're off on the train...the fun has only just begun. Stay tuned...


Patty said...

Oh my. What a great place to people watch! Sounds like a great time, Cyndie.

Eve Smith said...

Not sure about the tall man in his pair. Rather short

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