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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I'm It!

Ok, so this week we're playing tag with fellow bloggers, and I got tagged "it". I'm supposed to share 7 random or wierd facts about myself and then tag 7 other people, who will then do the same. I was tagged by another Etsy artist, Tatsuko. So here goes! 1. They keep telling me grey is the new blonde, so I stopped highlighting my hair and am letting the grey show. Um..... 2. My grandbaby is visiting and I can't get over how much she looks like my son when he was her age. I pulled out all the pics of him as a baby, and I swear you can't tell them apart! By the way, I had him when I was 12 years old! lol! 3. I love being alone. Most people need other people around, but I cherish my alone time. I can read, do my art, daydream....whatever I want. 4. I really dislike telephones. I can blog, email, forum, all day...but do not like it one bit when the phone rings. In fact, sorry to say, I often ignore it and let it go to message. 5. I'm a food-a-holic and have a truckdriver's appetite. I don't care much for snacks, but when I sit down to a meal...I want a big one! None of this nouveau, designer food for me. Give me a big bowl of pasta! 6. I need white noise. Every TV in the house is on all day long, as I roam from room to room. Usually, I have no clue what's on...nor do I even watch it...just need the noise. 7. I drink coffee all day long. My family knows not to talk to me until I've had at least one cup...or is that one pot?....If I don't get my coffee, I'm incoherent! Wow, it's hard to think of 7 things! At least 7 I want to put out there for everyone to see!!!! So...I'm tagging the next seven: 1. Mickey - 2. Marcy - 3. Pam - 4. Wendy - 5. Stacy- 6. Patty- 7.Heather - Movin' on....... Toodles for now...

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