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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Happy Memorial Day!

I promised myself I'd get better with the blogging thing...but I've been stuck in the studio so long trying to get out custom orders, I'm usually just too darn tired to make any sense. The days just seem to fly by.
Thought I'd at least take the time to show you a couple of new designs. One, the first one is a minor victory for me, so I wanted to do a happy dance on my blog! For some time I've been trying to make a ring that's the same style as my folded cuffs. I wanted it to look like a cuff for the finger, kind of a mini me thing. One of my customers requested one as a special order this week, and I took the challenge. Probably my inspiration was not wanting to disappoint her, because I took my time and concentrated really hard,(and held my mouth just right! lol!) and it turned out pretty cool! I'll be making more!
Waverunner Ring
I also made an addition to my Life Series...another ring....guess I have a thing for rings (hey, that rhymes!) but it's the first one for this series. This one is called Love amid the Chaos, made with brass and sterling silver. The woven and soldered base of the ring represents the chaos, with all the twists and turns and general disorganization and the heart on top is the love that gets us through it all. If you've had a lot of chaos in your life, or some of it lately, you understand that family and close friends or significant other is what gets you through it!
Love Amid the Chaos
Well, I guess I'd better stop and get on with the day.

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