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Friday, February 13, 2009

The Dust has Settled!

Well, after living in chaos, for what seems like eons, the dust has finally settled! My newly renovated studio is finished! Yahoo!
I think, before this, that I spent more time trying to find tools, wire or just about anything else I needed, than I actually spent creating. It would get pretty frustrating, so I'm hoping this will really light a spark under my creative fanny, and get me off to a good start. I'm sorry I forgot to get "before" pics, but here's what it looks like now. Organizing my "stuff" was actually fun...I found things I forgot I even had.
New bench, pegboard wall
Everything within arm's reach!
Yeah, I the casual eye it still looks chaotic. But trust me, everything has a place now and I have lots more storage.
On another note, here's a couple of new designs. I'm planning a new line, so stay tuned, but meanwhile I 'm enjoying playing around with different metals and adding some beads here and there.

Well, back to the studio! Toodles..

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