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Friday, June 26, 2009

Gettin' Busy!

OK, I excuses! I'm just not as good as I'd like to be about keeping up with this blog. However, I've revamped some things in my life....always subject to change, it seems...and it looks like it may be working towards my goal of having more time for creative thinking and writing.
I struggled with being snowed under with custom orders for so long that I almost forgot what it was like to sit down with a pad of paper and pencils and actually design something new! I have decided that I don't really like operating under deadlines - too much pressure, too much repetition, and way too much complaining! (By me!) So I'm really cutting down on my custom orders, and if I do take one, I'm allowing myself a time span to finish it that I can live with.
The exciting thing for me right now is making pieces for the "Gathering", ISGB's annual conference in Miami. If you remember, back in April, I announced that the piece that Patty Lakinsmith and I submitted was accepted for the convergence exhibit. So now we're designing pieces, following that theme and some new designs, for the show. Patty and I will be sharing a table. In fact, part of my excitement in all of this is finally getting to meet, in person, the good friend I've met on line, and had the pleasure of working with in designing pieces via the internet (ain't technology great?). Can't wait!
Meanwhile, I've discovered this really cool rock shop practically around the corner from my house. Though I don't use a lot of beads and stones in my designs, I've gotten addicted to both, and have made many trips to that shop for inspiration. Here are a few I've just finished.......
using tumbled Obsidian (aqua colored stone), a "sea opal" (multicolored) and a tumbled agate.

Well, that what's happening...I'm getting busy with fun things...finally!

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