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Sunday, December 16, 2007

All things Handmade: Jewelry - Metal, Page 4

I've been working day and night with the Christmas rush. I'm excited to say there has actually been a rush. In fact, I had to order more packing supplies because I ran out. Made some new things......most sold pretty fast. Here's some of my new things....

This one sold!


Sold this one too! Love this Christmas - can't seem to make things fast enough. I'm not complaining though! Have a few things in the works. I've also done some great Christmas shopping myself on the Etsy site. Can't show you right now, 'cause they're supposed to be a surprise! I added this link to the blog. Great stuff here. All these Etsy artists have their own blogs and shops. All things Handmade: Jewelry - Metal, Page 4

All things Handmade: Jewelry

All things Handmade: Jewelry

Monday, December 10, 2007

All Things Baby...New Etsy Featured Artist

Ok, so I admit...ever since my grandaughter, Amaya, was born, I have this thing about handmade stuff for babies and new mommies! I've been to the toy stores in the mall, baby clothing stores, etc. and am a little distressed to find most of what I see is made in China. I'm an American artist who wants to buy either American, or from an artist from another country who handmakes his/her products - so I turned to Etsy for Christmas shopping. I found Elle Belle. Their designs for baby and mommy are just wonderful.
Elle Belle was started by Stacy, three friends and her mother. Together they have over 75 years of crafting experience. Believe me, it shows! After having babies of their own, they realized that each one of them, in their own way, had creations to share and different talents. They researched through tons of things offered in the baby/mommy category and came up with what are some of the best, most useful and unique items to offer. Check out their store.

Stacy and her cutie-pie

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Working my fingers to the bone...

Well, it's another week and I have been working hard in the studio to produce some new and different designs. I discovered that I really like using copper, and have made some copper cuffs to replace the ones that sold. I made three, and already sold two.

This is the only one left!

Guess I can't complain, but it's getting to be a full time job, keeping up with my Etsy store. It's such a great community of crafters and artist. I just love it.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Another week....another ETSY artist

Well, this weekend was spent glued to my bench, working my tired fingers and cramped hands to produce three new cuffs. I think it went least I reached my goals.
This week I made a couple of new friends on Etsy. It's such a great community for exchanging ideas and meeting other artists. Let me intoduce you to.......
Wendy Baylis is the artist behind this great site. Like many artists, she holds down a full time job and still finds time to create. Art is her outlet and her sanctuary. Her creations reflect her profound respect and love for the cultures and faiths of the world, especially Asia. After looking at her designs, I'd say it also reflects her passion. Wendy dabbles in a little of everything, writing, painting, drawing, you name it. But I think she's found her niche in these beautiful pieces.
Wendy has Fibromyalgia, but says she doesn't let it get in the way of living her life to the fullest.
In fact, she has vowed to climb, at least part way, up Mt. Everest! I can't wait to see what she creates from THAT experience!
Her goals, at Etsy, are to have fun and open people's hearts and minds to all cultures and faiths through her art. Wendy would like to pass along some advice to other Etsians that was given to her when she first started her store. "Take good pictures. Natural sunlight works best. Get rid of all the props - don't be afraid to focus on you craft." Good advice.
Please visit Dharmadesigns at:

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