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Friday, May 21, 2010

Featured Artist- X2 !!!

Wow, it's been a busy month! The stars must have really been in alignment because one of my designs (lil meanie earrings) was featured on two different sites! What a thrill it was to get those emails that start out "you've been featured"!!
The first was at Crafthaus, an on line site for professional artists, designers and craftspeople. This site has some unbelievably talent folks on it, so this was such an honor for me.

The second was Art Jewelry Magazine on line. (see logo on the right) Again, with all the artists submitting their designs, this was quite a surprise and a thrill for me.

This exposure has kept the email and requests coming in, way beyond my expectations! It sure is keeping me busy!

Lil Meanies
This design was inspired by the original piece, Mean Green Mother Earth, that was a collaboration between myself and Patty Lakinsmith, made for the Convergence I last year. We've both had a lot of fun creating designs that we call the "spawn" of  Mean Green Mother Earth.

The original - Mean Green Mother Earth

Patty's Meanie Bracelet

                                                                     Patty's Ring

My necklace

Just a few of the "spawned designs"

Well that's all the news for now.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Gallery Opening

Well, it was short and sweet! My recent gallery opening happened on Friday, and, though the foot traffic wasn't tremendous...sales were great! And it was wonderful to see old friends and customers who attended and supported me! Thanks to all of you!

Here's a few of the highlights!

The photo is of the "Bone Goddess", a collaboration with Patty Lakinsmith
that was recently selected for Convergence II.

Tree of Life

This piece was dedicated to Hospice. When my mother was there, I passed by a huge
wall sculpture of the Tree of Life every day on the way to her room.  There is no way to express my
gratitude to them and that sculpture left quite an impression on me.

Ring featuring one of Patty Lakinsmith's  fabulous beads! This was quite a hit!

And of course, a good time was had by all!

Now that the weekend is over, I must admit that I am glad I did it but am also glad that I have no deadlines or schedules to adhere to for a while. Time to get to all the other stuff - laundry, house cleaning, etc. - that got neglected while I was preparing. I also have dreams of trying some new stuff, like PMC and enameling.
We'll see...stay tuned!

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