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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Glass Art, Life and other musings..

I am always looking at the Etsy shops, particularly the ones that sell handcrafted glass art. The other day I spotted this store and fell in love with the designs. Just had to share them with you. Patty is the artist, and I have to say, I think each bead is truly a work of art. I've provided her link so you can check her out for yourself.
On a sadder note, I recently lost a very close friend. The loss of 1/4 of our YaYa girls left quite a mark on me. We four have been hanging out, learning new things, kayaking, and sharing each other's lives for a long time. She will be missed. Her death inspired me to rethink life. A big part of my life is my art, and this event has made it's mark there as well. I recently started a series of designs called The Life Series. This is the first piece, and I wanted to share it with you. The brass wire represents all the roads, twists and bends in our life, the balls are the bumps in life we encounter, and the dark recesses are just that....dark things that happen...(you know, "poop happens"). The main part of this cuff is actually brass but I hand plated most of it to a brass colored finish, and left the unplated parts free to change with age as copper does, and like we do.
After all, that's life!

Life Cuff

I'm just completing the second in the series, so stay tuned. On a lighter note, I met with a friend today who is a fantastic photographer. She has watched me work on Etsy and noted how much I am enjoying the community of great people and artists, and wanted to talk to me about putting her prints in an Etsy store. Mickey will make a great addition to the community, and has some wonderful ideas, and even more wonderful prints. I'll put her link up as soon as she's set up.

Toodles for now,


Anonymous said...

Cyndie, I'm so sorry about your friend. Mortality, is something that we try to come to grips with as we age but when it smacks us in the face, we're never ready.
The shop that you featured is beautiful...and I'm sure that my next ring will be from your life series.

Regal Beads said...

oh, beautiful glass!

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