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Sunday, March 25, 2012

FEST Boot Camp - Week Two

Well! We’re on to week two!!! I really loved hearing about your goals and hope you feel you’re on track to get there. This week we will focus on specifics for readying your shop for Mother’s Day. With that in mind, let’s take a close look at the products in your shop.

Step 1: Make a list of all the products that you think would make great mother’s day gifts. They can be from hubby, children…or from a new grandma to a new mother! Lots of possibilities! Be sure to look at your sold items…is there something there you sold that you haven’t replaced in your shop or that you could make again that would make a good gift for Mom?

Step 2: Look at your price range. You should have a variety of prices. Make a list:

Under $25 _____ Under $50 _____ Under $75_______ Under $100_______
Noteworthy or Luxury_____. Are you short on any category? Now is the time to plan to make products that fill that price slot. What products will you make?

Step 3:  Look at the products you identified in step one, then look at the tags you used for those items.
If you completed the first two steps, step 3 will be a cinch.  Have you included “Mother’s Day gift”, Gift for Mom, gift for a new mom….or any variation in your tags? If you completed step 2, you guessed it…you can use your price list to adjust your tags as well. “Under $25” will help someone with a limited budget find your item in a search, and so on. Start revising your tags now so they can be found in mother’s day searches and for treasuries of the same theme. A little at a time will make it seem not quite so daunting.

And that’s it! It’s enough to keep you going all week. To make the changes in tagging easier, check out some of the apps Etsy has featured in the apps section. There are a couple that will change tags automatically by adding or deleting whatever you tell it to. Some of them are great time savers!

Before I sign off, I wanted to feature a few of our team mates…I specifically chose items I think would make great gifts for mom.

Who wouldn't want a hug from PennyBoperoo??

How 'bout a gorgeous ring from RecreationalArt?

Fab earrings from MadScientist are a great idea for Mom!

Beautiful Bead bracelet from Beadloverskorner!

You can't go wrong with any of these choices! They're all unique in their own way!
So that's all for now!

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Gari Anne said...

Thanks so much for featuring my bracelet! Off to think about this week 2 plan!

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