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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Try at Lampworking - Again!

OK, so I've mentioned before how interested I am in lampworking. It's not so much the creation of the beads as it is the properties of the glass. What happens to it when a HOT torch hits it interests me to no end. That's how I started in metal, and it's been a never ending exploration. to class I went once more.
I'm priviledged to live near a great teacher and artist, Joyce Horn, who's skilled at so many things, I dare not try to list. Her forte is beadmaking and stained glass beauties, so I went to her once more. It's not that I see myself creating a ton of beads and I admit, after my last class with Joyce, I never even picked up the torch to apply it to a glass rod. Not for lack of enthusiasm, but for lack of time to venture off the metal path into something new. No practice, no results!
Joyce opened her studio (and her gimongous heart) to me and Jill Bradley last week and we sure had fun. One of the things I find different from other lampwork artists is Joyce's incorporation of dichroic glass into the bead. I'm sure others do it, but in my limited exposure to watching glass beaders work, I'd never seen it done before and I really like the results.
Jill and I sat for a couple of hours, after Joyce's demonstration, and attempted to make beads. Now when I say attempted, I'm referring to me. Jill, on the other hand, cranked those babies out at rapid fire speed! Don't you just hate it when someone you know - with major talent in many artistic modes, I might add - takes to something you're trying to learn like a duck to water???? Geez! And hers actually looked like beads. (I will refrain from describing mine!)
After I get mine cleaned up, I'll (maybe, I think, well we'll see) post a pic or two. I will expect a lot of sympathy, though!
In the mean time, here's a couple of fab beads made by Joyce. She sells them on Ebay under Joyous Creations, Inc. if you want to see more.

Well, that's my latest news....

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