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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Art Jewelry - Just a little scary!

So, Patty Lakinsmith and I are ready for the ISBG "Gathering" in Miami. We've registered and we're going to share a table. Can't tell you how excited I am - my first time at one of these - because I get to see our creation again on exhibit, and I get to meet Patty in person for the first time.
I've been working on some theme related pieces, and my first, shown below, turned out pretty cool and a little on the "dark" side. It's called Man Eater....and is meant to look like it's taken over the wearer's body. Patty's busy making some more beads for me to use in other creations, so I'm getting ready to get creative.
Anyway, got to get back to the I'll keep this a running dialoque.
Oh, and by the way - My web site got all funky on me. I've not been too happy with my host service, so I've made the leap to switch to a new one. Of course that means I have to start from scratch to build a new site, but maybe this is a good thing. I haven't been happy with the one I have now, and the program the hosting service uses won't let me easily change it. So I get to create another one, hopefully more to my liking! I'll be off line for a while until I get it done, but hope to focus on it in a couple of days...once the domain name has been transferred.

Tendrils fall across the chest

This bloom sits menacingly on the shoulder.


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