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Monday, November 19, 2007

Blue Monday...

Well, I learn something everyday! If you scroll down to my Etsy faves, you'll see a mini composite of some of the cool things made by other artists. What I didn't know, when I made the Etsy mini, is that everytime I add a favorite to my list - the pictures change to include that item. How wonderful is that? Today it's all blue, great for a Monday, huh? Who knows what it will look like tomorrow. Stay tuned. At Etsy I met a really neat person. Her name is Patty and her store is She's a nomad, traveling from craft show to craft show, so home is where she hangs her hat. She's become a buddy and a mentor and we all need a couple of those, don't we? Take a look at these lovely macrame'd earrings. Takes someone with incredible talent - and good eyes- to make these.


Can't you just see yourself wearing these? Check her out at
I've listed a couple of new things. One sold right away but I'm going to show you anyway.

And there you go...Toodles 'til next time!

1 comment:

patty said...

hi, cyndie, thanks for your kind words! I should mention however, that it's not my eyes that get a workout, it's my neck! talk about a crick after 8 hours of holding my head over my workboard! the blog looks great, looking forward to visiting to see what you're up to! patty

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