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Monday, March 12, 2012

FEST Boot Camp

Well, for those of you with Etsy Shops, you know that Mother's Day is a big day. Sales and views leading up to it are usually very good. However, we on the Florida Etsy Street Team are going to do what we can to increase our visibility by implementing Boot Camp.

Etsy introduced their Holiday Boot Camp last year, so we're adopting and adapting! Each week the tasks will be posted here along with any forms necessary. If you're not a member of FEST, that's ok! I invite you to participate anyway! If  you're from Florida, with an Etsy shop, you can join FEST by going to: and signing up. If you're already a member of FEST, you can sign up for the boot camp here: Come one, come all!

Boot camp will start on March  19th. I will also be featuring a member each week, talking about how they accomplished the tasks at hand, along with some of his/her yummy designs from their shop.
So stay tuned!


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