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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Forms and Shapes to Inspire you!

I talk a lot about what gives me inspiration so I thought I'd share some photos of shapes that just might inspire you. My inspirations so often come from the things I see around me - architecture, sculptures, nature- and I'm wondering where all of you get yours.

Do you carry a camera around with you (or cell phone with a camera) everywhere you go? I do! Nothing is safe nor sacred! My family has threatened me with bodily harm if I dare share some I've taken of I'll stay on a safe subject here! Forms and shapes!

Here's what I'd like to matter what type of art you create, take a look at these pictures to see if any inspire you. Then create a little something and send a pic to me. I'll post it here. In fact, I'd love to interview you about your piece and what inspired it for this blog. I'll be nice, I promise. But I'm challenging you to stretch a little and use one of these pics! Fair 'nuff?

OK, here goes!

No, these are not bowling balls!

This is the inside of a very old Steinway Piano I saw at the BMW museum in Munich!
A tree in Romania

Ornate Gate from Eastern Europe somewhere! I can't remember! (memory is the first to go!)
This is a sign above a store!

Ok, so there you go! Show me what you can do!


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