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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What Inspires You ?

I'm always curious about what inspires artists. There's plenty of inspiration around, if you just know where to look! I take my inspirations from nature first, and my surroundings second, and sometimes - in fact, often - from other artists. I don't copy, mind you, just interpret things in my own, warped way.

This year I was blessed with a fantastic Eastern European river cruise down the Danube. So much inspiration, my camera was hot,hot, hot, just trying to keep up. The architecture was magnificent, but oddly, I found my greatest interest in all the graffiti I saw. Some of the towns were war torn and depressing on first sight, but the graffiti was a welcomed splash of color in a mostly gray area.

My latest designs, soon to be featured in my Etsy Store, relect what I saw - or at least my own interpretation of it.

Take a look!

I'd love to hear from you about where you get your inspirations for what you create!



Patty said...

Wow, Cyndie, great post! You've perfectly captured your inspiration in your pieces. That last pendant is really cool, and I love the colorful patina you've gotten in your metal.

Audrey said...

I am totally loving your interpretations of the graffiti you saw. Love the torch fired copper too.

aka AudreyGardenLady

Luckii Arts said...

That is awesome! I am a graffiti fan as well and it's so amazing that you turned those colorful pieces into wearable art! love your stuff! :O)

Rembrandt Charms said...

They are abstract and have the arty look.They also have the modern trendy style and fashion and could be used beautifully to accessorize.

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