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Monday, May 2, 2011

Nuno Fun!

Well, in the continuing saga of trying to expand my mind (the rest of me seems to expand all by itself!), I signed up for a Nuno felting class. In other posts on this blog I've featured one or two of the Nuno Felt Artists I found on Etsy who have attracted me to their shops with mouth watering designs. I love their work and have often wondered just how it was done. Well now I know!

The studio for my class  was in a gorgeous house in the "country" (we don't have much country around here, so that in itself is unique), decorated with refurbished, recycled and repurposed artsy furnishings. I've never seen such an imaginitive collection, mostly done by my instructor. Things like an old hutch decorated with mosiac tiles, large glass grapes in various colors hanging around the windows, many works of art throughout the house, and so much more...I knew I was going to have a great time learning from this uber creative person.

Along with the great lesson, Pat Riesenburger, my instructor, served up some yummy homemade banana bread - jeesh, is there anything she can't do? And when we got ready to leave, she presented us with a small carton of fresh eggs, from her own chickens!

I'm not going into detail about the lesson, but I will direct you to her You Tube video, which shows you what she taught us. And below - Ta Dah !!! My gorgeous scarf!!!

I'm so proud of it, I'm actually going to make a couple more for gifts!


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