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Monday, March 7, 2011

New Stuff, Recycle, Upcycle!

Well, I'm getting ready for my trip to Eastern Europe, and I'm getting really excited! We'll start off in Budapest and cruise down the Danube as far as Bucharest. Then we'll fly to Germany to meet some friends, and spend some time in Munich before heading home. Should be great fun, and I'll be sure to post some pictures when I get back!

Meanwhile, I have been trying to add new things to my routine and have made some changes in my life.
I've been spending less time on line, more time in the studio and getting out of the house more! Spending less time on line has good and bad results.....not as much marketing, which reflects on the store, but a whole lot more time in the studio! But, yes Virginia, there is life beyond the internet!!!

I was rummaging through my studio in an effort to find some inspiration, and determined to recycle or upcycle some of my stash, and I found a box of Turquoise cabs and stones I'd forgotten about! Since I love Turquoise, and so many people do too, I'm making some new designs using my little treasures. Some of these stones are really big, so I'm trying to think of ways to use them. Meanwhile I'm tearing up old pieces from my "time out" box and recycling the metal. Have you seen the cost of silver these days????? Yikes. Definitely time to recycle and upcycle.

Here's a couple of pieces I've just finished:

I also completed another neckpiece and a big ring in turquoise and silver, but haven't had time to photograph them yet.

On another note - I found a team on Etsy for Florida! This is a wonderful discovery for me, because I have always wanted to get to know more artists from here and possibly even have a get together at a show or something. FEST is the Florida Etsy Street Team, and from what I can see, members are from all over Florida. Yay!

Well, back to the studio -

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