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Monday, July 7, 2008

Collaboration - What a wonderful thing!

Yikes, has it really been that long since I posted???? I've been pretty busy with creating, family stuff, boat trips, etc. but I need to be flogged for not blogging more often! I have been collaborating with a couple of other Etsy artists and I love working with them. The community feeling most artists share with one another is something to be remarked upon, because the sharing is something that allows us to learn and grow. Whenever I need advice on a design element or technique, someone is always there to help me out. And I pay it forward by offering help when asked. Ok, sometimes I offer when not asked, but that's another story!!!
One of the remarkable artists I admire so much is Patty Lakinsmith, , who makes the most remarkable lampwork beads. Recently she sent me a gorgeous bead and here's what I came up with. Oh, did I mention that she's remarkable? :)
And here's a close up of the bead. I wish I had about ten of them!!!
I love the way this piece looks and hangs. I think the colors of the wonderful bead are really highlighted with the "antique" finish of the metal, don't you? This has presented a real dilemma for me.....I want to keep it for myself and wear it...but I also want to post it in my Etsy store so that folks can see it. Maybe they have a bead they would want made into something like this.
Oh, what's a girl to do??
I've also kept up with my custom orders and recently did one I'm very proud of because of the significance of the piece to my customer. Her Dad died and left her some stones and she wanted to have them made into a cuff. He was a forester, so the design element included leaves, of of my favorite things. Here's the original sketch:

And here's the result:
Well, off to the studio! Toodles,


Patty said...

A couple of amazing pieces by an amazing artist!! Cyndie, the neck piece is just fantastic, and I love what you did with the cuff - the stones and the metal are very right for each other.


Anonymous said...

Cyndie...Absolutely gorgeous! The necklace is truly amazing and the bracelet is just beautiful - I love the thought behind it:)
No flogging from've obviously been busy and you do have to enjoy life every now and then:)

Maria said...

Cyndie, you make gorgeous jewelry!

Maria (in Brooksville)

Anonymous said...

Hello Cyndie,

The necklace and the cuff are just absolutely exquisite! They look like they belong on display in museums. Just wanted to show my adoration.

From: another Cindy

Hot Rocks said...

Your work is fabulous and a real joy to look at!

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