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Thursday, February 28, 2008

New Etsy Artist

A friend of mine has finally made her fabulous photos available for buying. She is just starting out on the Etsy site, so check her out. She is offering blank cards/envelopes with the prints on the front, or you can buy the print for framing. Below are a couple of samples, proving just how talented she is!
On another note, I just finished a few new things. One I'm particularly proud of. I actually wore it to the club last night to test it out before listing it, and someone saw it and bought it! I did pursuade her to let me list it as reserved for her so that others could see it. Check it out.
Well, no other news, except my grandaughter is coming for her first visit to Florida next month, and I am really excited! (She's bringing her parents with her) She was born in June, and I haven't seen her since she was a week old except in pictures. Definitely not enough nanna time for me!
Toodles for now


Anonymous said...

Cyndie, I love the bracelet! As I do all of your pieces. I wear my ring everyday! Have a great time with your granddaughter!
I'm doing an Etsy Artist Spring Showcase on the blog and wanted you to be one of my victims. I'll convo or email with the details.

Catherine said...

Gorgeous bracelet!! Have a wonderful visit with your grandaughter. This is my first trip to your blog, but I'll be bookmarking it.

tatsuko said...

That bracelet is just beautiful!

I'm also tagging you, "it" since I got blog tagged this week - and there's absolutely no obligation to play!

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