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Monday, December 10, 2007

All Things Baby...New Etsy Featured Artist

Ok, so I admit...ever since my grandaughter, Amaya, was born, I have this thing about handmade stuff for babies and new mommies! I've been to the toy stores in the mall, baby clothing stores, etc. and am a little distressed to find most of what I see is made in China. I'm an American artist who wants to buy either American, or from an artist from another country who handmakes his/her products - so I turned to Etsy for Christmas shopping. I found Elle Belle. Their designs for baby and mommy are just wonderful.
Elle Belle was started by Stacy, three friends and her mother. Together they have over 75 years of crafting experience. Believe me, it shows! After having babies of their own, they realized that each one of them, in their own way, had creations to share and different talents. They researched through tons of things offered in the baby/mommy category and came up with what are some of the best, most useful and unique items to offer. Check out their store.

Stacy and her cutie-pie

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