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Sunday, December 16, 2007

All things Handmade: Jewelry - Metal, Page 4

I've been working day and night with the Christmas rush. I'm excited to say there has actually been a rush. In fact, I had to order more packing supplies because I ran out. Made some new things......most sold pretty fast. Here's some of my new things....

This one sold!


Sold this one too! Love this Christmas - can't seem to make things fast enough. I'm not complaining though! Have a few things in the works. I've also done some great Christmas shopping myself on the Etsy site. Can't show you right now, 'cause they're supposed to be a surprise! I added this link to the blog. Great stuff here. All these Etsy artists have their own blogs and shops. All things Handmade: Jewelry - Metal, Page 4


Dharma Designs said...

They are all so droolworthy! Glad you're doing well! :-)

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